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It all started with a ring I saw in a shop window one day.  I loved the simple wire wrapped stone and went inside to purchase the ring only to find out it was a bead shop.  So instead, I purchased the items needed to make the ring and brought my purchases home.  I watched tutorial after tutorial on how to make what I learned was called a birds nest ring.  I loved the wire, the feel of it in my hand and the way it looked wrapped around the stone and it took no time at all for me to be hooked on creating my own jewelry.  Beading often goes hand in hand with wirework and once I felt the beads in my hands and saw the huge variety of colors and shapes and sizes, I knew I had found my passion.

Since that time I've learned quite a bit and solidified my skills.  From  videos, to tutorials and then to online training with the London Jewellers Academy. 


My dream is to bring the positive energy I feel when making jewelry to each person who wears one of my pieces.

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